GUI Update

I’ve had nothing but trouble trying to get the MyGUI code built for my use. I’ve decided, at least for the moment, to continue with my own code implementation and simply clean up the loose ends and incorporate a new font system. 

My first question to myself was whether or not I wanted to implement a bunch of function calls for creating the graphic elements or to provide an IDE for editing the GUI or both. In the end, I think I want both, but my first pass at this is going to be to provide an IDE for creating the GUI, which can then be manipulated by Omega Core with Lua scripting commands. Personally, I’d much rather drag and drop my graphics onto a design canvas, adjust layers, scale elements, and see what the GUI is going to look like without writing a single line of code. 

So, I’ll be writing a simple IDE that allows everyone to create multi-layer GUI systems that can be easily manipulated in Lua. I want the ability to turn layers on/off with a single command, to control individual elements with Lua commands, and to have the resulting GUI scalable automatically based on the target primary display resolution. For easy control, you will be able to name your controls in the IDE and then reference those controls by name in Lua script. Layers will have an index value and can be controlled by referencing their index value.

Initial controls are going to be frame, text, list box, and progress bar. Frames will be simple containers for all GUI elements, including bitmap images. There will be texture and texture movie classes as well as font classes also.

I’m taking the evening to play some new D&D 5th edition so I won’t be working on this tonight, but might be getting to it tomorrow evening.


I am a born again Christian and a servant of our Lord Jesus Christ. I'm happily married to my wife, Michelle, and I have 2 beautiful daughters named Sarah and Grace. I am a programmer, filmmaker, and video game maker.

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