3D Sound Testing

I’ve gotten most of the code in place to do all the basic 3D sound system features. All that is left to do are the the velocity settings and fade in/out. I’ll probably leave the fading in/out for the next version since it’s going to be a little more work than anticipated, I also want to update the documentation for Omega Core with all the new functions and how to use them before releasing this, So, I’m looking at tomorrow evening or Saturday afternoon to get this out to people to use and test.

Here is a video I did showing the 3D sound in action.

3D Sound Test Video


I am a born again Christian and a servant of our Lord Jesus Christ. I'm happily married to my wife, Michelle, and I have 2 beautiful daughters named Sarah and Grace. I am a programmer, filmmaker, and video game maker.

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One comment on “3D Sound Testing
  1. magiqueprod says:

    I finished updating the document except for 2 commands I’ve yet to add. I need to put in the unload sound function and the set velocity function and then this will be ready to go to release.

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