Multiplayer Update

I successfully got a simple client and server connection up and running using the enet library. It was super simple to create a client/server. Now I can proceed with wrapping them up into nice classes that actually do something useful. 

My initial research tells me that I should be able to get a super simple death match or capture the flag style demo up and running in Reloaded in a very short time frame. I am looking for people interested in helping with a prototype and testing this. I am going to try to get something up and running quickly.



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7 comments on “Multiplayer Update
  1. magiqueprod says:

    I’ve now got both client and server wrapped into C++ classes. Next step is to work out packets of data to be sent peer to peer. I’ll start with activating/deactivating players and then setting their position in the game arena. Once I have that, I’ll write some Lua scripts to tie it all together. That’ll give me my proof of concept to base further work off.

    • J0linar says:

      That is great news,
      i would be in for testing once you reach a testable state. One thing is on my mind, how would you handle the physics in multiplayer? especially since Reloaded is still only scratching the surface of physics.

      And let me just say that enet is the right way to go.

      I do start to wonder why tgc isnt simply adopting you 😉

  2. magiqueprod says:

    In multi-player I would only be updating stuff on each client as it is reported from the other clients. So, if something changes position or rotation then we simply update that information on everyone else’s machine. I probably won’t be able to incorporate rag-doll physics though. In order to do multi-player in its current state I have to make the characters fully controllable by my plugin, which means you have to turn physics off for them. So, not sure how this is going to work out just yet, but we’ll see once I get a proof of concept up and running.

  3. Umberto says:

    I’ll be more than happy to help out! Thanks for your contribution.

    • magiqueprod says:

      I’m leaving multi-player alone for the moment since Lee had stated on his blog that they are going to be working on multiplayer for the steam release. So, it would end up being a wasted effort. However, if that changes or I finish up everything else and have a lot of free time then I might do it anyway.

  4. Umberto says:

    Did you think of eventually add the possibility to have a script for third person player? The fps makes me dizzy after a while……

    • magiqueprod says:

      I have big plans for 3rd person controllers, but right now there is one issue with the engine that makes it virtually impossible. Plus I have submitted suggestions for some additional Lua scripting commands that would make this a reality very quickly. Unfortunately, Lee is focused on performance right now and my ideas probably won’t get implemented until version 1.010.

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