Omega Core Wish List

I’m soliciting input from the community on what features you want implemented most in Omega Core. This will help me prioritize what work I will be doing on the plugin. If you want to have a say in how Omega Core is developed, please answer the following survey.

Omega Core Survey


I am a born again Christian and a servant of our Lord Jesus Christ. I'm happily married to my wife, Michelle, and I have 2 beautiful daughters named Sarah and Grace. I am a programmer, filmmaker, and video game maker.

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3 comments on “Omega Core Wish List
  1. magiqueprod says:

    So far the results are for GUI first, multiplayer second, advanced AI third, and 3D sound 4th. No votes for something not on the list. But not many responses yet so I’ll keep tracking the results.

  2. magiqueprod says:

    Correction. I did have 2 people add a comment to the other category. I’ll respond to them here.

    Bonebreak, dismembering model limbs: This is out of scope for what we can do. There is no access to a model’s geometry through any interface I have access to.

    expandable scripting for scripts for objects: I’m a little unclear on exactly what is being asked for here. If you could provide more details and maybe an example then I could consider what you are asking for.

  3. magiqueprod says:

    It’s a battle now. I’ve gotten a few more responses now and multi-player and GUI are tied for first.

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