As I was working on my contest entry and more GUI features, it suddenly occurred to me that it might be possible to add multiplayer support to FPSC-R with the Omega Core plugin. I don’t have a lot of experience with multiplayer, but have done some in the past. I’ll have to investigate this idea further after the contest ends. Hmmmm.




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5 comments on “Multiplayer?
  1. J0linar says:

    It would be interesting to see this included,
    what about real font support for guys? or is that already in omega.

  2. magiqueprod says:

    The audio system uses XAudio2 right now. And it’s not working at the moment. I had a test 3D sound in the engine, but was running into issues getting multiple buffers working together and had to shelve it while I finished my contest entry. I will get back to it after the contest ends. I’m not that familiar with real sound, but I’ll take a look at some point.

  3. magiqueprod says:

    Sorry about the confusion on real font support. I thought you meant real font sound fonts. And although I already answered in your e-mail, I’ll do so again here for the benefit of other readers.

    The answer is that I’m currently using True Type fonts for my prototyping, but this has the drawback of requiring the ttf file to be included in your release package. And not all fonts are freeware so you have to be careful there. It also means that antialiasing is a little trickier to get just right. However, it does allow for better scaling and coloring. I think I may end up supporting both true type fonts and bitmap fonts in the end.

  4. magiqueprod says:

    I did some initial investigation on multiplayer and found a thin, light-weight open-source library that might just do the trick. I’m thinking about doing some prototyping to see if I can get a demo up and running.

  5. magiqueprod says:

    Here is what I found and will be trying out for Omega Core.

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