Omega Core Released

I’m releasing Omega Core for public consumption with the caveat that you may only use this version for personal testing until July 21st, 2014. The documentation contains more detailed licensing information.

So, what exactly is Omega Core and why should I download it?

Omega Core is a Lua extension module designed to bring key core features to the FPS Creator Reloaded game engine. While FPSC-R is still in beta, this plugin module shall endeavor to bring the community these core features that may not be added to the engine until later in the development cycle.

What does that mean?

It means that you’ll have access to features before anyone else. But it also means that this extension may become obsolete at some point. However, it’s entirely possible that the features in Omega Core may be more advanced or more full-featured than those provided by the engine now or in the future. With that in mind, this extension module may have a very long lifespan.

What will it do?

The plugin is still in development, but the full list of features planned for Omega Core is as follows:

Input Library

A small, lightweight engine to capture keyboard and mouse input for use in Lua scripts.

Sound Library

A 2D/3D sound engine with advanced effects such as fade-up/fade-out, true 3D positional sound sources, and reverb.

GUI Library

A graphical user interface layer on top of the FPSC-R that is integrated with the input library.


There may be other possibilities with this plugin and we are investigating those as well. Advanced A.I. might be on the horizon as well.


I am a born again Christian and a servant of our Lord Jesus Christ. I'm happily married to my wife, Michelle, and I have 2 beautiful daughters named Sarah and Grace. I am a programmer, filmmaker, and video game maker.

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