Frontier Guard Gameplay Video

I’ve posted a new WIP gameplay video at showing off a slightly different top-down perspective, new sound effects, new music, new effects, and more. The game still has a lot of changes/improvements coming soon, but things are starting to shape up.

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Frontier Guard Boss Battle

I’ve posted a teaser video showing a work-in-progress boss battle for Frontier Guard. You can check it out at

Boss Battle WIP

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Frontier Guard Videos

I’ve posted a couple of videos to show off early gameplay in action. You can find the videos on

Note that graphics, sound, and gameplay are all subject to change as development progresses and are not necessarily representative of the final game.

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Frontier Guard Progress

I’ve been hard at work on Frontier Guard, our first Wii U game title, over the holiday season and the game is really shaping up. I have most of the first 2 levels done except for some more detailed game play mechanics and polishing. I am planning to put together a video of sample game play action sometime this week. And I’ll definitely have some updated screenshots as well.

To follow the game more closely, you can visit us on

Frontier Guard

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Site Changes

With all the work going on with my Wii U games I wanted to start blogging about progress. Rather than start a new blog, I decided to consolidate all my blogging into a single site. Since this site is already generically named magiqueprod, I decided to simply use this blog and diversify it. Thus, I’ve changed the About page and the header logo and now have categories for my blogs based on each project I have in the works as well as a general news category for posts like this.

Keep a watch on this blog for all news related to Omega Core and our Wii U games development. I plan to post my first blogs for both Frontier Guard and Super Fam very soon.

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Omega Core v1.07a Released

I’ve released version 1.07a today, but expect a newer release again this weekend in order to address some documentation updates as well as some missing functionality.

This new version includes a 3D audio fix as that was causing choppy audio if multiple scripts were loading sounds. It also includes the new automated input functionality. I rushed this version out the door to address the audio problem so I didn’t have time to add the automated mouse button input. I will do that asap and make another release this weekend.

A couple of things to note.

1. The ocAUCreate function has been removed. If your scripts call this function, you’ll need to remove it or you’ll get an error. The audio system is now automatically created whenever you try to access an audio function.
2. ocVideoPlay now uses mplayer instead windows media player. If you use video playback, you’ll need to get the mplayer application and put it into your Files folder. I didn’t have time to outline the details or where you can get mplayer so I’ll do that in the next release. So, if you are using this feature then e-mail me and I can help get you going.

The new version can be downloaded at:

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Version 1.07a

It’s been a while since I updated this blog due to my intensive work with Unity for my Wii U projects. I wanted to post a quick message letting everyone know that I do plan to release 1.07a with the simulated keyboard/mouse input as previously outlined. I don’t have a timeline for this yet, but it could be sometime this week.

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